Meteorite Ring, Whiskey Barrel Wood Muonionalusta Etch Widmanstatten Pattern


Ships in: 3-4 Weeks

This 8mm meteorite ring has a liner using repurposed piece of an aged Jack Daniel’s Whiskey barrel stave, made from American White Oak with it’s intricate twisting wood grain. It’s a perfect unique mens wedding band or Anniversary Gift. Made with a piece of etched meteorite found in the Muonionalusta Meteorite field in Sweden where meteorite hunters travel from across the world have to brave harsh conditions and trek through swamps looking for these pieces of this rare otherworldly treasure.

***Custom width is available upon request***

If you look closely at the Widmanstätten meteorite pattern you will be able to see very small silver ridges between many layers, these intricate designs are call Neumann lines, they are the result of an advanced etching technique that reveals the meteorites structure. This method displays more detail than most popular etching processes, and it also prevents excessive contact with corrosive acid, which ensures your ring will last as long as possible. The meteorite is then sealed using Alchemical Fusions proprietary process, which fills any micro-cracks, protecting the ring from water seeping into the metal and rusting from inside. The material is still iron based and is vulnerable to rusting, It is recommended that you keep your ring away from harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, and vinegar or any acid based cleaning products.

Included with the ring will be a polishing cloth and gunmetal oil, if any rust forms soak the ring in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes, then let it air dry. After the ring is dry apply a small amount of oil and rub gently with the cloth to remove any rust, the oil will also help to repel water.

If at any time your Widmanstätten pattern on your ring begins to fade or is worn down, simply contact Alchemical Fusion and you can send the ring to our shop and it will be re-etched and shipped back to you free of charge!

Ring Liners:
Carbon fiber- Ultralight, strong yet durable, hypoallergenic, and maintenance-free.

Tungsten- Scratch proof, hypoallergenic, won’t bend or dent, unbeatable shine and polish, maintenance-free.

Ceramic- Lightweight, hypoallergenic, very strong, scratch-resistant, available in White or Black.

Stainless Steel- Hypoallergenic, Strong, slightly heavier for those who prefer some weight to their rings.

Copper- a special copper alloy that will not cause discoloration or tarnish, has been shown to produce beneficial health effects for arthritis.

Titanium- Ultralightweight and very strong, hypoallergenic.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel- Waterproof, resin sealed wood with incredible grain structure from genuine Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel staves.

Damascus- Stainless steel Damascus pattern developed specifically for jewelry that will last and won’t rust.

Titanium Damascus- Hypoallergenic Damascus pattern made with titanium, mostly yellows and purples.

Antler- Genuine elk antler, sealed with resin to make it waterproof and naturally shed so no elk were harmed.

Silver- Lustrous appearance, can be maintained with occasional polishing more affordable than gold, lighter than gold.

Gold- Beautiful Looking Precious Metal. brilliant shine, available in 18k, 14k, 10k, in Rose Gold or Yellow (contact for white)

Opal- Brilliant white fire opal, lab-created so water will not damage it like normal opal, multiple colors available.

Silver Coin- made from a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar, can choose which side you would like showing!

Meteorite- Solid meteorite that is etched and resin sealed, an alien holographic pattern found nowhere on earth, No maintenance required.

Crafted personally by hand in Hawaii, each ring is made to order with customization options available. Reach out to me with any questions or ideas, and I’ll work with you to design the perfect ring. Thank you for supporting my small business!”

Resizing policy: Please note that these rings cannot be resized, so I highly recommend getting a free professional sizing at your local jeweler with a ring of the same width to ensure an accurate fit.


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Meteorite Ring, Whiskey Barrel Wood Muonionalusta Etch Widmanstatten Pattern


Ships in: 3-4 Weeks

Meteorite Ring, Whiskey Barrel Wood Muonionalusta Etch Widmanstatten Pattern


Ships in: 3-4 Weeks

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